FDA Guns Drawn on Raw Milk (not to mention all those innocent people)

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The first law class I ever took was a class in the constitutional principles of criminal law. It was taught by Judge Bristol, of Rochester, NY. Judge Bristol was a man of fire and spark. He had no illusions about the nature of his fellow humans: crimes were crimes. But, he also was careful to impart to his students a passion for two things. One, a sentence that was tailor made for the crime and the individual who committed it—and would enrich the convicted person’s life if appropriate. (He sometimes assigned reading lists to young delinquents who hadn’t finished school and other times assigned public garden duty to vandals, for instance.) Two, the absolute necessity of protecting the citizen’s right against unlawful search and seizure. He never rubber stamped a warrant. I can still remember him telling us about refusing to sign midnight warrants that weren’t appropriate. He’d ask questions about them. Require the facts be laid out. Require the due process guaranteed to all American citizens. And sometimes, even with all of that, he asked to ride along with the police who acted on it because he wasn’t going to sign off on something if he had no idea what the consequences were! (He’s a little bit of a hero to me, in that way.)

I have to wonder what Judge Bristol would have said, if I was still in his class, about the armed raids of Rawsome, Morningland Dairy and the Estrella Family Creamery. Was such extreme conduct (guns drawn, children and innocent people terrorized, people held overnight without being charged, thousands of dollars of legal grocery products being spoiled, dumped out, and tampered with, and “evidence” being mishandled) by law enforcement legal? Was it appropriate under the warrant? What should be done about it?

I’m not a law student anymore. I’m not even a lawyer. But, what I know is this. These people were making and selling cheese, milk, eggs and other FOOD. It had never made anyone sick. (In fact, many people claimed it made them feel better than processed, big-name commercial cheese). And yet, the videos look like they came straight from the season finale (just pick one) of the Showtime series Weeds. The government is going to destroy these small farms as if they were major drug rings.

If they come for my milk, my cheese, my butter, my eggs, they’ll come for your sushi next. And, your eggs Benedict. After that, they’ll want you to bake your watermelon. (GMO watermelons only please!)

Here are some great links on both milk and the raw food raids:

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    “Follow The Money”. Who stands to gain ?

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